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Company development activities

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Slowly, and entered the season of the year's most cool, autumn. The brilliant, cloudless. In order to make our company staff, the affection between colleagues through increased activity, to know more about each other, in order to let employees work to relax the mood, in 2016, on September 22, a tourist activities organized a company-wide, destination is herbals. On the way to play small game, increase the affection between colleagues. Have lunch together, play together, do game together in the afternoon. When making games, unity and mutual assistance, bit by bit to deepen the affection between the colleague, for the later work, bring more convenient.
As the company's growing and development, we also face the serious situation of a more high standard, strict, how can constantly at work found the problem and improve the problem, how to better improve the departments and their work efficiency, this requires our entire company people to try hard!

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