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How to choose the LED lights

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How much knowledge did you know about the bulb? Only know every click on the switch, the whole world will bright, but in fact there are a lot of knowledge is worth us to think carefully, so when we are ready for the new purchase bulbs, also has a lot of knowledge. Only learned the knowledge, we can choose the best and the most suitable light bulbs. Today, many people will choose LED light, because it is the most environmental protection, energy saving, so it is quite welcome of consumer, now we are ready to take you to choose the appropriate LED lights.

Color temperature

Color temperature can be divided into warm and cool colors, color temperature of led light also is divided into the two. If you choose LED lights for bedrooms and living areas, then I suggest you choose the warm color leds. The color of light with color close, let a person feel very warm, feel very comfortable. And the LED lights that cool color moves is most suited to be used for kitchen and basement, because these places need bright light, we are working to find things or convenience. Another toilet this place is very interesting, you can choose according to his own personality and furniture to decorate the LED light is tonal, warm color makes you more relaxed in the bathroom, and cool color can give you a sense of "efficiency", how to choice is yours.

Color rendering index

The abbreviation of CRI, color rendering index. Used to display the color of the light source. About the color of the LED lights, can be accurate to buy, let you of the LED lights become part of your home is the most harmonious.


The data should be the most familiar people, shows how bright the light bulb. So if the higher lumens, the greater the power consumption? Is not the case, so it requires everyone in the choice of LED light bulbs, be sure to take a closer look at the power consumption of the lumen value with numerical ratios, it can choose to high brightness, low consumption of products. If you accidentally encounter such a good product, you just bought!

LED lights for homes appliances are used most every day, but it is the most overlooked by our electrical appliances. With the advent of the era of the LED. First is LED lights can be cooperated lamplight controller to change the light and shade or color, the second is compared to the LED energy-saving light more safe, because it is not like energy-saving lights "gas" to shine, so it is of the highest degree of safety theory. The most important thing is that it is too save electricity, if average household use, its power consumption compared with the whole family consumption, almost negligible, so you might as well try when the choose and buy the light bulb LED lights.

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