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Incandescent light will be eliminated LED stick light rose

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On Friday, the Development and Reform Commission officially released "China phase out incandescent road map", by 2016, China will be phased in five steps to prohibit the import and sale of incandescent.
No incandescent, LED concept of wind and water, the relevant stocks dip "light" to rise. This week, LED concept stocks stand on the concept of plate or top.
Some analysts believe that the cut-off by the incandescent lamp, disabled by the alternative lighting will lead to energy-saving lamps and LED to create a huge market demand, LED industry chain related companies will receive substantial benefits.
Watch the road map
Incandescent lamp will be delisted within five years
China is the production and consumption of incandescent power, incandescent lamp last year, production and sales were 38.5 billion and 1.07 billion. However, in the course of the use of incandescent light conversion efficiency of not more than 10%, resulting in a large number of electrical waste.
As a result, "China phase out incandescent road map" (hereinafter referred to as "road map") on November 4 in Beijing. "Roadmap" to determine the phase-out of China's five incandescent stage.
From now to next year's September 30 for the transition period, October 1, 2012 first is 100 watts and above general lighting incandescent into the phase-out period, 2014 60 watt and above general lighting incandescent lamp will prohibit the import and sale, thereafter October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016 for the mid-term evaluation period, October 1, 2016 15-watt and above the general lighting incandescent lamp for sale.

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