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Installation of lamps need to pay attention

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LED Lamps and lanterns although beautiful, but if not pay attention to, lamp decoration effect is not good, and even its safety, practicality is also unable to guarantee. When the installation of lamps, we should pay attention to the following aspects.
The installation of lamps, we must first ensure that the lamp firm. At present, most of the lamps is heavy, if not solid, broken lamp is small, injured person is big things. General lighting use embedded hook, plastic expansion pipe fixed lamps and other equipment, the firmware of the load-bearing capacity is matched with the lamp weight, do not use the wooden structure things fixed.
The lamp is installed, must ensure the safety use. The lamp shall not be connected to flammable objects, nor distance combustible too close, this is because the lamps in the use process, will release a lot of heat. Combustible flammable, easy to fire. In addition, the installation process should also meet the requirements of lamps and lanterns, lamp wire must not force; if the firmware using steel pipe, must ensure that the steel pipe has a certain strength; if the use of the flexible cord, the two ends of the line to do protecting buttons; if the lamp presents a straight line, central line they cannot too much deviation. Nut, bolt and other small devices for fixation will use in the installation process, lamps and lanterns, be sure to confirm the quantity and degree of tightness to meet the requirements.
Internal wiring of the lamp is correct, which is an important aspect of its safety. A lot of the lamp casing is metal, in order to guarantee the safety of the metal shell should be accurate grounding. Can not handle the lamp bare metal, prevent the leakage of current threats to our security.

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