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Integrated Silicon Solution Unveils New LED Driver IC for Automotive Interior Lighting

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Integrated Silicon Solution Unveils New LED Driver IC for Automotive Interior Lighting
Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc., a leader in advanced memory and analog IC solutions, today announced a single chip solution for automotive interior lighting. The IS32LT3175 is a feature-rich AEC-Q100 (Automotive Electronics Council) certified linear  LED  driver enabling reduced BOM count for low-cost and compact designs. The IS32LT3175 integrates a single channel LED driver with a programmable 150mA current source, push-button control, courtesy signal input and integrated programmable fade-in/fade-out lighting control. The device is designed for use in LED-based map lights, dome lights, door lights and other automotive lighting applications.


Integrated Silicon Solution's single chip solution for automotive interior lighting enables reduced BOM cost. (Integrated Silicon Solution/LEDinside)
The IS32LT3175 integrates all functions, eliminating the need for a microcontroller and several discrete components.  Individual resistors are all that is required to adjust the LED current from 10 to 150mA as well as the fade up/down ramp speed; there is no software programming required. The LED driver can be controlled by either a momentary contact switch or a courtesy signal input. An integrated debounce and latch circuit conditions the switch input so a single press of the mechanical switch does not appear like multiple presses.
Key features and benefits of the IS32LT3175 include:
·         Reduced BOM:  LED driver with theatrical dimming in one small 8 pin SOP package resulting in 65% less components requiring less printed circuit board area.
·         Linear LED Driver:  Low-noise, low-EMI, linear current source adjustable from 10~150 mA into one or more LEDs.
·         Switch Input:  Integrates switch debounce and latching logic to enable use of low cost momentary contact switch. The switch On/Off state is held during start-stop operation when voltage drops below 6V for a short period of time.
·         Local or Remote:  Can be controlled remotely by the automobile's microcontroller or locally with a momentary contact switch. The local switch has priority over the remote microcontroller providing the user with direct control of the LED lamp.
·         No Microcontroller:  Advanced LED performance can be adjusted with simple resistors, eliminating the need for a microcontroller.
·         AEC-Q100:  Meets stress testing specifications making it suitable for use in the harsh automotive environment with guaranteed operation from –40°C to +125°C.
The Automotive Lighting market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.22% from 2016 to 2021 and reach USD 29.53 billion by 2021 according to market reports. LED is the fastest growing technology in automotive lighting market since it is energy efficient, lightweight and compact. These attributes are responsible for the fast growth and increased adoption in autos worldwide. "IS32LT3175 is a feature rich LED Driver which is robust and easy to design with," said Ven Shan, VP of Analog Products at ISSI. "This unique product is precisely what premier auto makers are looking for in their Map lights, Dome lights and other interior LED lighting designs to replace bulky incandescent bulbs for improved light efficiency and sleek designs."
The device also integrates protection features, such as open and short LED fault detection, thermal rollback and thermal shut down to increase system longevity and reliability. The LED current remains at the configured level as long as the junction die temperature of the IC remains below 145°C (typical). If the die temperature exceeds this threshold, the output current of the device will begin to reduce at a rate of 3%/°C. The device will enter thermal shutdown if the die temperature exceeds 175°C.

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