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Jingying-Led Downlight

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Led downlight is a kind of embedded in the ceiling under the beam of light-type lighting fixtures (also known as led ceiling light). Led downlight is a directional lighting, only the opposite of its light, the beam angle is concentrated, the light is more concentrated, strong contrast between light and shade. More prominent as the object, the lumens higher, but also bring out the quiet atmosphere of the environment. Generally adapt to the supermarkets, office buildings, business hall.
Led downlight the advantages of performance.
1, led downlight installation energy
General electric power in the 20W or less, and a traditional energy-saving Tongdeng to 38W-45W, so led lighting than the traditional energy-saving light sources in more than 60%, is a good energy-saving products.
2, led downlight installation low light failure
General led downlight light source using low-light high brightness of the lens type led, generally good led downlight after 10,000 hours of its work in the light failure are generally less than 30%.
3, led lamp high brightness
High-quality led downlight The general lens with large-size chips, luminous efficiency of 98 lumens per watt, so the light intensity is relatively large, and the light is very soft, so the decorative effect is particularly good.
4, led downlight environmental protection
Usually led light light emitted without ultraviolet light, infrared light and so on the radiation, the lamp does not contain mercury and other harmful substances, the traditional light source containing mercury harmful substances, has a certain degree of radiation, and the use of led light source, you do not have to consider These ones.

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