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Jingying-led Packing Machine for CFL/ LED Making

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With the social labor costs continue improving, from saving labor costs and improving production efficiency two aspects, the equipment section in Hangzhou Jingying Industrial LTD decided to introduce automatic packaging machinery.<o:p>

 For Safer delivery of your consignment, we uses machines to pack your valuable orders. We uses latest Packaging Machines which Give Multiple Advantages. Machine packaging takes less space and less weight of your consignment. Further more for longer distance its more safe. however we users reliable and experienced courier services, still good packing always in benefits' of our clients. ur product lines include:<o:p>

1. Shrink Packaging Machinery
2. Case Erectors
3. Case Sealers
4. Stretch Wrap Machinery
5. Palletizing Machines
6. Custom Made, Automatic Packaging Solutions

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