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LED Bulbs Recalled From European Market Pose Concerns for Suppliers

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On Oct.14, 2016,  EU RAPEX (Rapid Exchange of Information System) recalled two LED luminaries from the consumer market. One was a color changing LED Bulb, the other one was a high power LED lamp. Both products were recalled because they pose potential electric shock to users due to inadequate circuit insulation or loosely attached parts. Last Friday, on the newly released RAPEX report, four other LED luminaries were listed: linear fixture by Best-LED, LED Magic Ball Light and LED Sun Magic Ball by ASA, and LED Floodlight by GREENLUX.

One of the recalled products, Color Changing LED Bulb with no brand. (Photo courtesy of Wellmax)
Since 2011, Philips Lighting Chairman of North America Zia Eftekhar has predicted that LED light bulbs price would fall by 50 percent in the next five year. He was right. The world lighting industry has experienced unprecedented price war due to the rapid development of LED technology, with LED luminaries taking the most hit since then. Although in 2016, LED price has shown signs of stabilizing, many companies are still struggling in the after-effects of this price war. Pressured by the low margin, manufactures are forced to cut corners on staff training, raw material quality, and product testing. In the long run, this jeopardizes the relationships between suppliers and buyers.
With more recall incidence happening, how could buyers avoid getting flawed products? They should start by looking for reliable suppliers who has experience in LED manufacturing, insists on ‘quality first’ value, and maintains a good brand reputation in the industry. For instance, buyers who seek for good LED bulbs to import should first find a company that specializes in LED bulbs. Shanghai Wellmax Lighting Industry (WELLMAX) which recognized as “the LED Bulb Expert”, for example, would be a good choice. With near-30-years of experience in the lighting industry, WELLMAX is the leading exporter of LED bulbs in Shanghai, specialized in the research, design, and manufacture of LED bulbs.
Established top-notch R&D centers with outstanding partners such as SAMSUNG, DEKRA, and SGS Labs, WELLMAX oaths to offer professional OEM/ODM LED lighting solutions. The company’s R&D team has designed series of LED bulbs with certifications that win them a strong competitive edge in the overseas market. CurrentlyWELLMAX has more than 180 long-term clients worldwide.

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