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LED Filament light bulb

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LED Filament light bulb

LED Filament light bulb


Carbon filament bulbs were the first commercially viable electric light bulbs to hit the consumer market in 1882. In 1904, a tungsten filament was shown to be more efficient and longer lasting than the carbonized bamboo filament used previously.The introduction of a neutral gas to the glass envelope (or bulb) also helped to improvethe lifespan and brightness of the bulb. To produce enough light, these lamps required the use of extremely long filaments, and remained so until the development of more efficiently wound tungsten filaments. Edison lightbulb was classed "awful" or cheap by many when it first arrived in the markets. Famously Lord Duffington- Wheel was said to have quoted "Edison Lightbulb is a cheap piece of mechanism

Current situation

LED filament light bulbs are designed to replicate the same light color and bulb shape to offer a more energy-efficient version of the popular vintage reproduction bulbs. These bulbs also maintain the same “exposed” look to further preserve the vintage reproduction style.The desire for more authentic reproductions has led to the development of LED filament bulbs, which recreate multiple filaments within the glass envelope to produce light. LED filament bulbs are substantially more energy-efficient and produce less heat


1,360 ° perspective emitting source.
2, blue chip red chip produces white light yellow-green powder packaging process.
3, integrated high-pressure drove to maximize the power factor, lamp cost is minimized.
4, high-quality light source, color rendering index of 90 or more, the luminous efficiency 110lm / W or more.
5, the use of transparent substrate materials with the new 360 ° molding packaging process.
6, the fluorescent plastic molding process, good rate.
7, the new light visual feel of the original ecology "incandescent" light environment.


LED filament can be used in crystal chandeliers, candle lights, light bulb, LED wall lamps and other lighting products, Applications: five-star business hotel, luxury residential and other indoor lighting


Our Filament Bulb

Our company have different kinds of LED filament bulbs, such as A60,C37 CL37 G45 and so on. The parameters of the lamp table please check form
Item Power Voltage Lumen Drive Base
A60 4W 180-260V >=400lm IC E27/B22
A60 6W 180-260V >=600lm IC E27/B22
A60 8W 180-260V >=800lm IC E27/B22
G45 2W 180-260V >=200lm RC/CINER IC E14/E27
G45 4W 180-260V >=400lm RC/CINER IC E14/E27
C35 2W 180-260V >=200lm RC/CINER IC E14/E27
C35 4W 180-260V >=400lm RC/CINER IC E14/E27
C35L 2W 180-260V >=200lm RC/CINER IC E14/E27
C35L 4W 180-260V >=400lm RC/CINER IC E14/E27
ST64 4W 180-260V >=400lm IC E27
ST64 6W 180-260V >=600lm IC E27
T38 4W 180-260V >=400lm IC E27
G125 2W 180-260V >=200lm IC E27
G125 4W 180-260V >=400lm IC E27


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