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LED lights current situation and the future development

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The purpose of the lamp is generally used for lighting, let you see the illuminated objects, even give people the warm effect, such as strong light during the day, night, soft lighting. But in addition, it also has other applications, such as agricultural lighting, medical lighting, visible light communication, which can be referred to as the non visual lighting.
There are many large enterprises have invested into the development of agricultural lighting, a lighting time agriculture is popular, but it from the popularization and application of the real also requires a process, because it has two problems to be solved:
The first is the use of what is the optimal lighting mode.
LED lights extremely flexibility, the output pattern can be light spectrum and intensity, irradiation time and irradiation light regulated, and how the light is good for the plants of different plants to lighting how light, is a scientific problem, if solved, agricultural lighting use it to go forward.
The second is the price the cost is too high.
At present the industry to agriculture lighting is said to "tall" products, because it is often large power requirements, but failed to achieve mass production lead to higher prices, this is also the LED agricultural lighting a bottleneck of great.
More LED application in medical issues that need to be addressed, because the medical activities involves people, very strict inspection, need a relatively long time. The mention of small and medium-sized enterprises how to break out from the fierce competition in and out, can consider to special field.
In his view, LED is very flexible, in addition to the application of functional lighting, road lighting, such as Muronai Terua, also produce a variety of applications in many segments of the market, such as lighting, medical beauty, fish, dental mirror, gastroscope etc.. Because of its flexibility makes it very easy to get into some special fields.
For functional lighting, flexibility will cause problems interchangeable products, which requires constraints to code or standard form. But the special field does not need to be normalized, can make full use of the flexibility and plasticity of LED, small and medium-sized enterprises to go this way or have the opportunity.
The last mentioned towards the future of the lighting industry trends:
1、LED will occupy the lighting of the mainstream, and realize the time is not far;
2、The flexibility of LED to let the market future lighting, not limited to visual lighting lighting, visual and non visual lighting will be the two major research and development direction of lighting;
3、The combination of LED and digital technology, will open the wisdom lighting times.

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