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Lamps dust and water testing how to apply international standards

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IEC60529 is the international electrotechnical commission of housing and housing equipment protection grade standard file. The so-called protection grade with standardized testing method to detect casing for close to dangerous parts, usually use IP code.
IP code is used to specify that a coding system chassis for close to dangerous parts, external solid target and water into the level of the degree of protection, and related to the degree of protection is given information. IP code generally consists of a four-digit code. IP23CH, for example, the IP is international protection code letters; 2 for the first characteristic Numbers, instructions about close to the dangerous parts and external solid target into casing protection grade, can use 0 to 6 Numbers, without this feature X can be used in place of; 3 for the second number, instruction was immersed in water protection, can use 0 to 8 Numbers, without this feature X can be used in place of the same; C for additional letters, indicates the degree of protection is close to the dangerous parts, can use A, B, C, D four letters to identify, but this can be ignored; H as supplementary letters, you can use H, M, S, W to identify four letters, also can be ignored. In this article, we discussed the IP code in the first and second characteristic Numbers.
The first characteristic Numbers can be identified by seven digits 0 to 6, can let we ignore the second feature added additional letters and Numbers and letters, and IP0X ~ IP6X. In IEC60529 standards for each level of protection has done detailed description: IP0X - no protection; IP1X - for 50 mm diameter or external solid protection; IP2X - for 12.5mm or more external solid protection; IP3X -- for acuity 2.5mm diameter of external solid protection; IP4X - for more than 1.0 mm in diameter of external solid protection; IP5X - have dust protection; IP6X - tight dust.
For IEC60529 standard about dust test has also involved in the relevant international and domestic standards, such as lamps and lanterns of IEC60598 general safety and standard in the article 2.3 requirements in accordance with the dust-proof and solid foreign body classifying lamps and lanterns; GB2423.37 basic environmental testing procedures - 89 electrical and electronic products mentioned in the sand and dust test method; GB/T4942.2-93 low voltage apparatus enclosure protection grade standards; And GB7001 GB7000.1-1996-1986 general requirements and test standards of lamps and lanterns, these requirements are usually only do IP5X and IP6X test.
The second number from 0 to 8 nine digits are identified, we also aside first and supplementary and additional letter, namely IPX0 ~ IPX8. In IEC60529 standard, descriptions of waterproof level is as follows: IPX0 - no protection; IPX1 - vertical down; IPX2 - drop (15°inclined); IPX3 - spray; IPX4 - splash; IPX5 - injection; IPX6 - strong injection; IPX7 - temporary immersion; IPX8 - persistent soak. The experiment water demand for clean water. For what kind of method is used to achieve the purpose of test, also have related Suggestions are given in this standard, such as IPX1 and IPX2 usually adopt drops of water tank. IPX3 and IPX4 oscillation tubes or spray nozzle is used, the radius of the oscillating tube according to the size of the object to be tested with eight kinds of optional, a diameter of 200mm, the minimum acceptable diameter of 1600mm, maximum acceptable according to the increasing amount of 200 mm, but the hole on the pipe number is different according to different level. IPX3 rating in, for example, a 200mm pipe radius can open 8 hole, IPX4 level, 200mm pipe radius can open 12 holes. IPX5 and IPX6 nozzle is used, but for different levels of nozzle diameter also have different, IPX5 nozzle diameter is 6.3mm, IPX6 nozzle diameter is 12.5 mm, the distance of nozzle to the chassis is 2.5m~3m IPX7 and is IPX8 USES half wet device, IPX7 standard test time for 30 min.
IEC60529 standard about waterproof test are used in the relevant international standards. As safe as IEC60598 lamps and lanterns and requirements in the standard mentioned in accordance with the waterproof grade classifying lamps and lanterns; IEC60335 household and similar electrical safety standards and IEC60034 - "00 protection grade standard of the whole structure of a rotary motor are mentioned for waterproof level test. In practical application on how to use some equipment to test some products shell is a lot of electronic instrument factory, manufacturer of lamps and lanterns, household electrical appliances manufacturers, such as electrical appliances industry faces the most practical problem.

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