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Led industry analysis

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LED in China, at least 40 years of development space in China, the actual production of the manufacturers are not many, most companies are in accordance with the form of trade to pull orders, and then to the needs of customers in the procurement of products, products with their own Of the profits sold, and now the Chinese LED industry is not very sound, so that these trading companies in which a lot of oil and water fishing, not 3 years of China LED market transparency, then the production capacity of these companies will have Their own piece of the sky, but LED products are now a good price, quality is not so rest assured that consumers.
LED light source with the use of low-voltage power supply, low energy consumption, applicability, high stability, short response time, no pollution to the environment, multi-color light-emitting advantages, although the price is more expensive than the existing lighting equipment, is still considered Inevitably, there are existing lighting devices.
LED is completely encapsulated in epoxy resin, which is stronger than bulbs and fluorescent tubes. The lamp body and no loose parts, these features make the LED can be said to be difficult to damage.
According to the study of visible light, the human eye can see the white light, at least two kinds of light mixing, that is, two wavelengths of light (blue light + yellow light) or three wavelength light (blue light + green light + red light) mode . The above two modes of white light, need blue light, so the blue light has become the key technology of making white light, that is, the current major LED manufacturing company chasing the "Blu-ray technology." Currently the international master "Blu-ray technology" only a few manufacturers, such as Japan's Nichia, Japan's Toyota synthesis, the United States CREE, Germany's Osram, etc., so the promotion of white LED applications, especially high-brightness white LED In China there is a process of promotion.

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