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The 6S standardization management

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   With the steady development of Hangzhou Jing Ying Electric Co., Ltd in recent years, the company have introduced a number of efficient, high-quality management. The 6s standardization management is the most typical of this advanced and efficient management.
   6S means finishing (SEIRI), consolidation (SEITON), cleaning (SEISOU), clean (SEIKETSU), literacy (SHITSUKE), safety (SAFETY) six projects, all begin with "S", so referred to 6S.
   Starting from the first 5S. 5S originated in Japan, refers to the production site in personnel, machines, materials, methods, and other production elements of effective management. It is requested for the enterprise daily behavior of each employee, the Initiative from the trivial, and strive to make every employees have to develop everything "good" habit, so as to improve the overall quality--A unique Japanese-style business management.
   5S can enhance the corporate image, production safety, to promote standardization, create a comfortable working environment. Chinese enterprises on the basis of 5S site management, increased security (safety) element to form a "6S".  
   With the efforts of whole company, 6s management standardization have made great achievements in the company's production management, and continuous improvement.

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