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The advantage of led flood light

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Advantages: irradiation angle adjustment
LED flood light is actually a spotlight, the irradiation angle can be adjusted, so its use more flexibility. And the general spotlight will have an angle adjustment scale plate, in accordance with the scale plate to adjust to make the installation more accurate.
Advantages: wide range of applications
The size of the LED flood light is very small compared to other lighting fixtures, and thus can meet the needs of a wider range of installation sites. Lamps in the course of the use of the problem is not prone to damage, it will not use the time is too long and heat, so its long service life.
Advantage 3: No additional controller
Compared with other lighting fixtures, LED flood light can be used without additional controller, but through the built-in components to achieve a variety of special lighting effects, such as lighting gradient, light color changes, lighting jump, light flicker Etc., which is the general lighting can not achieve the high-level dynamic lighting decorative effect.
Advantage 4: Good lighting effect
Because in fact the spot light is a spotlight, with a condenser lighting function, so the light irradiation effect is very good. The color of the light bright, and the color purity is high, not dazzling, soft light, very suitable for home lighting decoration. In addition, because the LED light projector light high efficiency, low power consumption, so in the course of very power.
As the leading domestic enterprises in Shanghai think of the production of LED light projector is a unique advantage, the following small series for you to enumerate:
1, light concentration, monochromatic, and soft light, not dazzling, no heat radiation.
2, high luminous efficiency, low power, luminous time up to 50,000 hours, independent patented cooling technology, long life.
3, the lamp body with aluminum profiles, to adapt to extreme weather, not easy to corrosion, small size easy to install.
4, through the built-in micro-chip control, to achieve gradual, transition, color flicker and other dynamic effects, and create a beautiful night.

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