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The four major advantages of Floodlights

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Advantages: irradiation angle adjustment
Floodlight is actually a spotlight, so the irradiation angle can be adjusted, so the use of more flexibility, and the general floodlight will have an angle adjustment of the scale plate, so that in accordance with the scale plate marked The adjustment is more accurate.
Advantages: wide range of applications
 The shape of the floodlight is very small compared to other lighting fixtures, and thus can meet the needs of a wider installation site, and in the course of the use of the problem is not prone to damage, nor will the use of time is too long Fever, natural life is also relatively long.
Advantage 3: No controller
 Compared with other lighting fixtures, the projecting light can be used without the controller, and in the course of using can also achieve a variety of special irradiation effects, such as lighting gradient, lighting color change, lighting, lighting, lighting Of the flashing, etc. This is the general lighting can not achieve the high-level dynamic lighting decorative effect.
Advantage 4: Good lighting effect
Because it is actually a floodlight, with a condenser lighting function, so the light emitted by the projector lights out the effect is very good, very bright color of the light, and the purity of color is very high, although the cast light lamp color comparison Bright, but it is not dazzling light, the opposite is also very soft, very suitable for home use of local lighting decoration, in addition to the spotlight is a very energy-efficient lighting, in the course of its very power, because Its use of power is not high.

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