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The light -COB

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COB light source is a high-efficiency integrated surface light source technology with LED chip attached directly to high reflectivity mirror metal substrate. This technology eliminates the concept of stent, electroless plating, no reflow soldering and no patch process. One of the cost savings of one-third.
COB light source can be simply understood as a high-power integrated surface light source, according to the shape of the product design light source light area and size.
Features: cheap and convenient
Electrical stability, circuit design, optical design, thermal design of scientific and rational;
The use of heat sink process technology to ensure that the LED industry-leading heat lumen maintenance rate (95%).
To facilitate the secondary optical products supporting and improve lighting quality. ;
High color, uniform light, no spots, health and environmental protection.
Installation is simple, easy to use, reduce the difficulty of lighting design, saving lamp processing and follow-up maintenance costs.
We also can use the COB light if you like ,last months ,our customer just placed an order for COB GU10.

Item Power Voltage Lumen Drive Size PF
COB GU10 7W AC110-250V 530lm IC 55*50 0.5


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