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Why You Should Swap To LED Lighting

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Why You Should Swap To LED Lighting

Short Description: This Article is describing the importance and benefits of LED (Light-emitting diode) lighting…

Remember the days when the only LED light emanating from your home was from the dull blink of your low-definition TV on standby or the fanciest of kettles on the boil? If you do, I’ll bet you fondly remember the sound of dial-up internet too. Sigh. But if you, like me, have grown up with technology but still can’t tell your LED from your elbow, then how are you ever supposed to make informed choices?

Something as simple as deciding how to light your home, efficiently and inexpensively, becomes a minefield of search engines, nonsensical forum bickering and indecision.
But fear not! Allow me to light up those murky depths and illuminate you with some of the pros of making the switch from conventional to LED bulbs…

Efficiency… of both of energy and time

LED bulbs run significantly cooler than their compact fluorescent or incandescent predecessors, dramatically reducing the amount of energy used to light a room. The fact that this can help ease an annual electricity bill by up to 20% it even more appealing during these times of austerity.
The operational life of an LED bulb can vary between 25,000 and 100,000 hours. While that presents a pretty big variant, the least you can expect an LED bulb to last is eleven years.
So, to the naysayers who say that LED bulbs are too expensive, use the argument of regularly replacing bulbs to give them a classic lesson in false economy.

So green it’ll make you feel good

For the green-conscious among you – and let’s face it, there’s no excuse not to be – it’s the forward-thinking option. On top of the lower energy consumption, which equals a lower CO2 emission rate, there are no toxic chemicals and they’re recyclable. LEDs are practically waving the flag for birdsong, trees, bunnies and all things green.

A spark of creativity

A clinical blue tinge is rare in the design desires of the home-improver and you might be forgiven for thinking that’s a distinctive feature of LEDs. Not anymore. Clever science bods have given us options, in the form of colour, effects and light dispersal. Plus, they have the distinct advantage that the bulb brightens immediately, making that gloomy warm-up period of energy bulbs gone by a thing of the past.

Move with the times

Gone are the days when LED bulbs came in such specific sizes that you needed to invest in a fitting as well as the bulb. Such is the glory of 2013 that there are now LED replacement bulbs for almost every type of existing bulb, so it’s literally as easy as changing a light bulb.

So what are you waiting for?

The expense of the bulb is still the loudest argument against a swap to the more efficient, cost effective, greener, flexible and technologically advanced method of LED lighting. A suggestion, then, is to make your home and the planet a better place – one bulb at a time.
Have you made the switch to LEDs and can you think of any other good reasons why more people should? Let us know in the comments below.

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