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Why don’t led bulbs light and solution

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With the popularity of LED lights and lanterns is used more and more people buy LED light bulbs online home for their installation. So in the process of installation, often appear the negative aspects of a LED bulbs, so a lot of people will be confused, why just buy LED light bulbs will not bright?
1、First we can check, whether led bulbs for the cause of the power supply part and not normal work lead to the light bulb not bright, if it is, can check the power supply circuit, the general power supply is normal, the led bulb meet up the above index goes on.
2、Next, we are excluded from power supply situation, if not bright, also need to pass the check led bulbs are negative pins, to have a look at our operation of led bulbs in operation there is no correct connection, such as incorrect operation cause the light bulb not bright, to general can solve welding led bulbs.
3、Check current of led bulbs, view your current at the ends of the led bulbs, exceed the working current of led bulbs, if it is, it is also easy to cause the led light bulb not bright, the solution is to choose the appropriate constant current power supply, as far as possible not to buy those cheap power supply. This can prevent caused by power supply current overshoot led bulb breakdown bulb is not bright.
4、LED light bead itself quality problem, also can cause the led lamp bead is not bright, because some of the led lamp bead chip there is leakage, it is also easy to cause the led lamp bead to use after a period of time's death, the solution is to try to prevent the lamp bead inventory in a long time in the humid environment, led by the chip inside in order to prevent the leakage cause led lamp bead light be affected with damp be affected with damp.

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