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led light factory teaches you pick a good LED lamp

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LED Tube Light, is mainly composed of aluminum shell + PC suite good lamp bead, driving power and chip packages of three parts. So the same in three kinds of material have what different?

Light bead is the core component of lamps and lanterns, some sense regardless of the power supply or shell is for the lights, normal light. Led chip, whether imported or domestic, double gold wire lamp bead structure method, the size of the gold thread is the key affecting the service life of lamp bead. So confirm the stand or fall of lamp bead just need to know the luminous flux, color temperature, chip size, how much is the gold wire used in the lamp bead size, size and power, etc., to locate the lamp bead droop and life, LED lamp or belong to is new in the field of lighting, for many people is still relatively unfamiliar. So that's all you know led bulb of the lamp bead used levels of several important matters.

Then we would say to the shell, the shell is different with other products, led lamp shell except the shell itself some function Also need to have the function of heat dissipation. LED bulbs in use process will produce heat. Shell the radiator can help light bead scatter heat are out so that the light bead work in need the temperature of the environment. Shell heat dissipation is also affect its lifespan. And the light failure will be more serious. So the shell material selection becomes crucial, the purity of aluminum requirements.

Generally car aluminum 6063 aviation aluminum is the best choice of cooling capacity is very powerful. But for larger lamps and lanterns, die-casting aluminum is the default choice. Die casting aluminum alloy composition, as a result, the composition of aluminum alloy is important. Normal proportion of alloy, heat dissipation can be reached, but if join some impurities in aluminium alloy, the cost can be decreased a lot, then of course the cooling will be short of. So obsessed with the heavier shell heat dissipation, the better the idea is not completely correct.

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