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why we choose LED insect repellent lamp

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When the entomologist studied the physiological characteristics of mosquitoes, it was found that mosquitoes (and many insects, including moths) were particularly sensitive to certain light and liked it, and were particularly averse to some other light. According to this principle, the researchers developed a mosquito aversion to the special light source material can drive away mosquitoes.
Photon repellent use of the success of this principle, through the use of special light source material, produce a large number of mosquitoes do not like light, so as to achieve the effect of driving mosquitoes. Because of its production of mosquito repellent lamp is visible light to drive mosquitoes, so the human body and the environment without any pollution hazards, is the most safe and environmentally friendly high-mosquito products at home and abroad.
At this stage there are still most people confuse the concept of insect repellent lamps and mosquito lamps, which is due to people's habit of subconscious. Please note that insect repellent lights into yellow, filter out ultraviolet and infrared, will not cause any harm to the human body. The anti-mosquito lamp is preferred by the mosquito UV coupled with high voltage close to the mosquito when the shock death. They belong to different product categories.
People know that mosquitoes are hiding during the day, and night out of bite. In other words, there are mosquitoes in the sun afraid of the ingredients. LED mosquito light mosquitoes in the sun light to do part of the light to the light, it should have the function of insect repellent. Can not repel the lamp, it is not LED insect repellent lamp.
Mosquitoes have different responses to different light waves: the most acceptable to the human eye, visual fatigue at least, see also the most Chu 530-590nm band of light, the mosquito has its inherent backlight biological characteristics, it is afraid of this light,
See the opposite direction in the escape; and 500nm the following light, is the mosquito's "visible light, like light", mosquitoes have its inherent phototactic biological properties, in which light it can see clearly, and like in this Life under the light waves. LED mosquito light to mosquitoes in the light of fear to do part of the light, so, in the LED mosquito lamp, the mosquito is uncomfortable, it does not fly toward the LED insect repellent lights, mosquitoes do not open the window Indoor fly, but run into this light to escape, the room did not escape to hide, too late to hide in the air slowly flying, flying mosquitoes do not bite slowly, which is not surprising.
Understand the light mosquito repellant truth, do not have to worry about LED insect repellent lamp "since it can drive mosquitoes, is harmful to people". Because
mosquitoes are afraid of light for the 530-590nm, is precisely the most beneficial to the human eye, as the least fatigue, see the most clear light, so people work or work during the day, mosquitoes are hiding in the shade, people are not mosquitoes.
Mosquitoes spread malaria, Dengue fever and other infectious diseases, the culprit. In order to reduce the disease and rest, people generally use a variety of mosquito coils, electric mosquito coils and a variety of aerosol insecticide, are chemical.
They kill mosquitoes, mosquitoes, while also harming humans and polluting the environment. Some people sleep a night of mosquito coils, the next morning there will be dry throat, dizziness and other symptoms. The LED insect repellent lamp is the use of sunlight in the right
The human eye is beneficial and mosquitoes fear the light of the physical repellent, to achieve both insect repellent and harmless environmental objectives

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